Commonwealth Bank Series - 2012 Stats

India vs Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka 289/6 (49.6)
India 238/10 (45.1)

Sri Lanka won the toss and elected to bat

Sri Lanka won by 51 runs

  • India v Sri Lanka 8th Match at Brisbane - Feb 21, 2012
  • U Yadav 0 * (2)

Over 49.1V Kohli to MF Maharoof, 1 run, makes room and pulls the short ball through wide mid wicket for one. Kohli has replaced Yadav.

Over 49.2V Kohli to AD Mathews, no runsgoes back and pats the rising leg cutter back to the bowler.

Over 49.3V Kohli to AD Mathews, Boundary, goes back and pulls the wayward short ball off his pads between the keeper and short fine leg for a boundary. Over 49.3 V Kohli to AD Mathews, 1 wide, goes back for a pull and misses a wayward short ball down the legside. Over 49.3 V Kohli to AD Mathews, 5 wides, misses his flick to a wayward length delivery which slips past the keeper for five wides!

Over 49.4V Kohli to AD Mathews, 1 rungoes back and taps the slower one to short thirdman for one.

Over 49.5V Kohli to MF Maharoof, 1 run, makes room and smacks it flat towards straight long off for a single.

Over 49.6V Kohli to AD Mathews, 1 run, goes back and slaps it to covers for one. India need 290 runs to win from 50 Overs.