Commonwealth Bank Series - 2012 Stats

India vs Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka 289/6 (49.6)
India 238/10 (45.1)

Sri Lanka won the toss and elected to bat

Sri Lanka won by 51 runs

  • India v Sri Lanka 8th Match at Brisbane - Feb 21, 2012
  • U Yadav 0 * (2)

Over 48.1SK Raina to NLTC Perera, 103 kmph, BOWLED HIM, Perera looks to whack it across over wide long on but misses a quicker one to have his stumps rattled! Raina has replaced Vinay.

Over 48.2SK Raina to MF Maharoof, 1 rungets forward and drills the full ball to long off for a single.

Over 48.3SK Raina to AD Mathews, no runs, looks to heave it across and gets a bottom edge which is put down by the forward diving Parthiv.

Over 48.4SK Raina to AD Mathews, Sixer!!, bends forward and heaves it flat over the leaping Kohli at wide long on for a six!

Over 48.5SK Raina to AD Mathews, 1 rungets forward and pushes a quicker one through wide mid off for one. Over 48.5 SK Raina to AD Mathews, 1 wide, leaves a widish quicker one outside off.

Over 48.6SK Raina to MF Maharoof, 1 run, clears his frontleg and heaves it flat towards long on for a single.