MS Dhoni Wants Ravindra Jadeja For Finisher’s Role For CSK

Though his 79 for 44 could not cruise the team towards victory, Dhoni expressed optimism about their victory in the tournament. He made his knock in the game against Kings XI Punjab yesterday fighting back pain.Ravindra Jadeja

Dwayne Bravo, Sam Billings made chasing the huge scores easier in the earlier matches, maybe it is 65,79 or 85 off final 36 balls. Dhoni tried his best to battle the back pain and chase the score but luck was not on their side in this match. Thus, KXIP managed to end the winning streak of CSK, making CSK end their saga at 193 off 20 overs in the chase of 197.

When the team needed 17 runs off 6 balls, KXIP pacer Mohit Sharma turned the result of the match to their side. Dhoni’s knock was applauded after the thunderous show by Chris Gayle earlier. The KXIP managed to register their second victory off three games in this series. Ravindra Jadeja came to bat after Bravo. This all-rounder succeeded to make a precious stand with the skipper by scoring 19 off 13 balls in the crucial situation. At the presentation ceremony, skipper Dhoni backed him as the match-finisher.

“It’s a difficult one. And Fleming is in the dugout, so he needs to take that decision. And, we have confidence in Jadeja also, one of the reasons is that being a left-hander, it’s not easy to consistently bowl to a left-hander and also this is the time that we can give him that opportunity to express himself.” He said as a reply to several questions rose at him.

“If he doesn’t do [it]. Bravo is an experienced one, he can always go back and do the job for us. But overall, Jadeja is somebody who can do it for us. Unless we give him an opportunity; so far we have never really given him the kind of opportunity that he really deserves, so I will definitely back him to come good in the coming games.” He added.

Speaking about his back-pain, this cool captain said,“It’s bad; how bad it is, I don’t know. God has given me the power. I don’t need to use the back a lot, the hands can do the job. But overall, we’ll assess how bad it is. It shouldn’t be too bad because I know what really happened and once you know the kind of injury it is, it becomes slightly easy to get out of it and also we have three-four days now before the next game. I’m quite used to playing with few injuries, whether it is back, fingers, elbow or something else.” He concluded.