Anticipated ICC Champions Trophy In 2021 In India Replaced With World T20 Instead


ICC chief Richardson declared that the global body unanimously agreed to conduct the shortest form of cricket event in India with 16 teams worldwide instead of Champions Trophy. India lost the chance of hosting the 8-team ODI event in 2021.Anticipated ICC Champions Trophy In 2021 In India Replaced With World T20 InsteadEarlier, sources said that Indian representative opposed the proposal but later he expressed the consent a decade, world T20 in Australia in 2020 and World T20 in 2021 in India. In 2009, this happened in England and in 2010 this event happened in West Indies.

Speaking about the decisions of ICC Richardson said that, “The 2021 Champions Trophy in India will now change to World T20. It fits into our strategy of growing the game,” Richardson said today at a media conference at the end of the meeting. There will be a 2019 and 2023 ODI World Cup, effectively scrapping the very concept of Champions Trophy, a tournament which was described as irrelevant by several critics given the presence of a full-fledged quadrennial World Cup. Well the BCCI representative attended the board meeting and the vote was passed unanimously. So I don’t think that’s an issue,”

He gave a rational explanation for the decision taken by the ICC but his logic confused most of the members. He said that “I don’t agree with that it’s contradictory. In the end, we are going to end up with the maximum of 12 Test teams. The Champions Trophy in a way was too similar to the World Cup, always quite difficult to differentiate. Why are you having a World Cup and then a Champions Trophy? It was difficult. And don’t forget a 13-team ODI league is a huge step in making sure the 50 over format has much more context going forward,” when asked about decisions of ICC about neglecting longer formats of cricket and encouraging cash-rich T20s.

When asked about the difference between the Champions trophy in ODI format and t20 world cup, he said that the situation is a little bit unfortunate one.

“Unfortunately that’s just because of the schedule how it works. There would not have been an option I suppose of moving the T20 into 2022. But going forward in the future, every two years World T20, every four years the World Cup and don’t forget the ODI League building up to each World Cup,” this former Proteas keeper concluded.