AB de Villiers is one of the versatile players in the World class cricket. His decision to retire from international cricket astonished international cricket fans and experts. Let us take a look at some of the possible causes of his sudden retirement.AB DeVilliers

  1. South Africa’s poor international schedule

The poor international cricketing schedules of South Africa may be one of the reasons for the retirement of this versatile cricketer. The team has to face Sri Lanka and Pakistan this year without this Mr.360. South Africans organize less number of tournaments with popular teams. This may be one of the factors for his sudden retirement. On the other hand, he said that he has no plans to play overseas in future and wants to dedicate his time for domestic cricket.

  1. Age factor

This 34-year old player seems to dedicate his time to his family. He is playing international cricket for 12 years and seems tired of physical and mental stress. He played 114 tests, 228 ODIs, and 78 T20Is for South Africa, with a total score of 8765, 9577, and 1672 runs respectively. He has the fastest ODI hundred in his name with 31-balls against West Indies in 2015, and fastest Test century off 75 balls against India in 2011.

  1. Pay Constraints

The South African Cricket Board pays lesser to the players when compared to other International Leagues. With the cancellation of Global T20 League, the board was in shortage of funds. Some of the star cricketers from England made more money by playing for 6 years when compared to some star South African players. Though this may not be the sole reason for his retirement but was a point of concern according to many experts.

  1. Fitness issues

De Villiers took a long break from 2016-17 due to injury woes. He said to the press that he felt that he ran out of fuel and was tired of playing in the international grounds. He felt that he was exhausted due to long schedules.

  1. Non- stop cricket

He made his international debut in 2004 and was playing non-stop cricket all these years. He played for the team in the tour of India in January and IPL in April- May. He said that he was tired of rigorous schedule all these years.

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