Ricky Ponting, the coach for Delhi DareDevils gave gestures about Gautam Gambhir’s appointment as the Captain of the team for the IPL season 2018. Being the newly appointed coach, Ponting applauded Gambhir’s leadership qualities, ability to nurture the young talents and his credentials to lead his new team.

Gautam Gambhir

The new DD coach said that they had a conversation in this context and confirming it he said,”It is likely now that Gambhir will lead the team the next season.”

He added,” We had a conversation with him. He has conveyed to us that he would like to make a comeback to his home Delhi and hopefully lead the team.

“And if you look at his leadership, we could not find any fault when captaining KKR. His last season of IPL was also very good. So we thought it would be good to have him as captain working with some of the young Indian players. So, we have gone for an experienced captain and I am sure he will do the job for us.”

This former Australian captain was not surprised at the decision of releasing Gambhir for the auction in the current season. As a captain, Gambhir had a good track record of giving two tournament victories for the team in seasons 2012 and 2014.  Ponting expressed delight that the decision of KKR team would benefit the new team Gambhir is about to play for.

“When you look at it and see what they have done today is that they want to regenerate their franchise and the team,” In addition, Ponting said ”Look, Gautam has been there for a long time. He might himself felt it is time for a change for a fresh start. We are glad to have him as part of Delhi Franchise.”

With these consequences, Gambhir’s task will be same as when he entered the KKR’S team in 2011 which was known for poor performances at that time. In the current season, Delhi Daredevils team is full of youngsters and now the new Captain’s task is to guide and mingle with them to make a memorable season out.

Delhi Daredevils team is famous for letting star performers go for unknown reasons. Gautam Gambhir was not an exemption in this context. He had to come out of the DD franchise in IPL season 2011 and from then he is playing for KKR. With the recent happenings, the Delhi franchise seems to correct its mistake and change the picture of the game with the return of its local lad.