Mike Hesson Resigns From New Zealand Coach Position


The decision of Mike Hesson to resign to the position of New Zealand coach surprised the experts and fans. He served a term of six years and still has one year for the completion of his contract. He revealed that he was tired of prolonged international cricket schedule and wanted to spend more time with his wife and children. He announced his decision to the press today.mike-hesson

He said “This job requires 100 percent commitment and is all-consuming,” Hesson said. “I know what’s required over the next 12 months, but if I’m honest, I don’t feel I have the capacity to give the job what it deserves. NZC, in particular David White and the board, have given me incredible support, including flexibility and options. But the idea of missing a match, a tour or a format, as has been proposed at different times, has never sat well with me.

He further added,”I couldn’t let this opportunity pass without acknowledging my wife Kate and our daughters Holly and Charlie, who have sacrificed so much for me over the past six years. And I just want to place on record my gratitude to all the players and support staff. I love the team and have great hopes about what they will be able to achieve. I’ll always be a supporter.”

The Chief Executive of New Zealand Cricket, David White said that he tried his best to convince Mike Hesson to call off his decision. He said that he could understand Hesson’s position but New Zealand cricket needs a person like him who witnessed one of the successful reigns of New Zealand in the International cricket. He could not digest the 43-year old’s decision to leave the job when the World cup season is nearing and also his contract period still not ended.

White said “I tried to persuade him to stay on for another 12 months but his mind was made up,”

“We understand his position.”Mike has overseen one of NZC’s most successful periods of international cricket, he’s more than realised the potential we saw in him back in 2012, and has grown into one of the most respected coaches on the international circuit.

“At the same time, he’s carried a torch for coaches in all sports, demonstrating through his success that top-level coaching is not exclusively or necessarily the domain of former star players,” he added.

Kane Williamson, the captain of New Zealand team was all in praise of Hesson. He applauded him as the self- less coach and that he stood as the pillar behind the team’s achievements like making up to the World cup final 2015 in Australia. They achieved another record of winning 13 matches in a sequence in all the international formats.

He said “Mike exemplified the “team-first” attitude he himself talked about and left no stone unturned in terms of leading the side to success,”

“I’ve witnessed his work-ethic first-hand and have seen the sacrifices he’s made, and I can only say I have the utmost respect for what he’s achieved.”

Under Hesson, New Zealand won their Test Series against England in 2012 after he took charge as the coach in August. The team won 21 of 53 tests, 65 of 119 ODIs, and 30 of 59 T20Is.