Who will head Delhi Daredevils in IPL 2018?


Delhi Daredevils is of the three teams in IPL 2018 that will be going into the auctions with the intention to bring in a captain for the team. The other two teams that will be looking for captains for their team in the IPL are KXIP and KKR.

While it is a unilateral decision of these teams to bag the captains for their teams still, DD is at the disadvantage here because of its lower auction amount. Both KKR and KXIP will have 59 crores and 67.5 crores respectively in their purse to buy the players while DD is left with only 47 crores. The reason for the lesser amount at disposal for Delhi is that it has retained three players, namely, Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant and Chris Morris. On the other end, KXIP and KKR have retained 1 and 2 players respectively.

This brings us to the question, why Delhi Daredevils does not have a captain even after retaining 3 players?

For some, it might seem like an odd choice that Delhi Daredevils is still scorching for a captain even when they spend almost 50% of their auctioning fund on retaining three players. However, when you look down to the profile of the three players retained it doesn’t seem that out of the box move.

Starting with Chris Morris, he is a player likes of whom are not easy to find on the Indian continent. An all-round bowler, that too seam bowling. In the entire history of IPL, we have seen seam bowling all-rounders are auctioned for a fairly high price. So his retainer is obvious.

Shreyas Iyer is the solution for the No.4 conundrum that the Indian team always faces. He had a breakthrough season this year in the international cricket and is able to score runs for the team at crucial points. His retention for 11 crores by DD is not a surprise at all.

But with the retention of Rishabh Pant, it is not the same story. In numbers, he had a disastrous last year both in IPL and domestic cricket. Yet he was retained by the Delhi for 12 crores even when he was available for auction at 7 crores. This shows that DD has planned something big for him, I think he is seen as an incumbent captain by the team.

Now, the question comes up, about how it can be ascertained that DD will be handing over the captaincy to Pant in future.

Well, let’s have a look at who can be the cap bearer for DD in the IPL 2018. As far as my understanding of the game goes, Delhi will pick someone senior with a considerable leadership experience. The team is more likely to pick someone who can lead them for a couple of years and then transit into the mentorship role so as to groom the young captain.

Foreign Players Who Can Be Probable Delhi Daredevils Captain

If we look at the criteria of DD, then Brendon Mccullum, Faf Du Plessis, and Hashim Amla are the three international players who suit to captain the team. But looking at the past history of the Delhi team it is evident that the management prefers Indian players over foreigners for the role of the captain.

Indian Payers Who Can Be Probable Delhi Daredevils Captain

If I were to pick the captain from Indian players, Ravichandran Ashwin will be my first choice. He is good to handle the Kotla pitch as well as a player who can be counted on when the top order collapses. Ajinkya Rahane is another prospective candidate from the captain as evident from his recent leadership stint against Australia in the Dharamsala Test match. The last choice would be Gautam Gambhir. His leadership and experience cannot be questioned as he brought KKR, 2 titles under his captaincy.

This is about our analysis of DD captaincy. What do you think? Share your opinions in the comments below.


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