Ball Tampering Charges: Chandimal Denies All Allegations


The ball tampering issue troubled the world cricket at the maximum earlier this year in April. Again, on the test against West Indies, the Sri Lankan captain Dinesh Chandimal was accused of changing the shape of the ball intentionally. But the Sri Lankan captain denied the allegations.Ball Tampering Charges- Chandimal Denies All Allegations

He was accused of breaching the code of conduct of ICC 2.2.9. He was accused of tampering the ball by applying an artificial material to the ball by placing sweet in his mouth during lunch time.

The code of conduct reads “Any action(s) likely to alter the condition of the ball which was not specifically permitted under clause 41.3.2 may be regarded as ‘unfair’. The following actions shall not be permitted (this list of actions is not exhaustive but included for illustrative purposes).

“(a) deliberately throwing the ball into the ground for the purpose of roughening it up; (b) applying any artificial substance to the ball; and applying any non-artificial substance for any purpose other than to polish the ball; (c) lifting or otherwise interfering with any of the seams of the ball; (d) scratching the surface of the ball with finger or thumbnails or any implement.”

“the umpires shall use their judgment to apply the principle that actions taken to maintain or enhance the condition of the ball, provided no artificial substances are used, shall be permitted. Any actions taken with the purpose of damaging the condition of the ball or accelerating the deterioration of the condition of the ball shall not be permitted.”

A further hearing will be carried out by the match referee Javagal Sreenath after the conclusion of the test.

On Saturday, the Visitors were penalized for 5 runs from 123/2 to 118/2  due to delay in the fielding when the ball needed to be changed. After a long discussion on the ball tampering issue, the Sri Lankans came to field after so much of delay. The referee was found involved in a long discussion with Sri Lankan management after this issue.

On the other hand, the Sri Lankan Cricket association backed their players saying “shall take all necessary steps to defend any player, in the event any unwarranted allegation is brought against a member of the team.” They denied all the allegations arose against their players.

Earlier, on ball tampering allegations, Steve Smith and David Warner were handed one year ban and Cameron Bancroft was banned for nine months from domestic and international cricket activities.