Sandeep Patil on Yo-Yo Conundrum, Players Should Be Given A Second Chance


Veteran cricketer Sandeep Patil opined that the players should be given a second chance to get through the Yo-yo test. The BCCI made getting through the yo-yo test mandatory for the players to be selected for overseas tours. Sanju Samson, Mohammed Shami, and Ambati Rayudu did not clear the yo-yo test and were out of the tour to England.sandeep-patil-bcci

Sandip Patil said that it is not a good idea to sack the players in good form taking yo-yo test as a benchmark and it is not the accurate method to test the fitness of the player.

Suresh Raina, Washington Sundar, and Yuvraj Singh were dropped out of the England tour for failing to cross 16.1 benchmark in the yo-yo test earlier. Sandeep Patil said that the players should be given some relaxation from the yo-yo test as the decision impacts their career at a massive level though he appreciated the stress laid by the BCCI on the fitness of the players.

“Like in Test cricket, where a player is given two innings to prove himself, even in the case of Yo-Yo tests, he should be given two chances. If a player isn’t able to clear the test, give him another crack at it a few hours later, or the next day. There could be many reasons why Ambati Rayudu failed the Yo-Yo test that day. A player may not be mentally there. You’re talking about the career of a player. He has performed well for the whole year in domestic cricket, and in half-an-hour, you’ll decide whether he’d go on the tour or not. You don’t drop players like this,” He said to Times of India.

Amogh Pandit condemned the decision of the BCCI to judge the fitness of players on the basis of just one test. Pandit served the Mumbai Cricket Association as a trainer and he works for the conditioning and nutrition department for the Association.

He said “If a sport requires multiple fitness components, how can you chuck someone out on the basis of just one fitness component. There’s no guarantee that one can’t pick up an injury after clearing a Yo-Yo test. You need to count mobility, flexibility, strength and power too. Secondly, a fast bowler requires explosiveness, power. A spinner needs endurance. A Yo-Yo test measures cardio-vascular endurance. It’s not fair to drop a pacer because of this factor. I need to see various components like power, strength to judge his fitness. A Yo-Yo test is one of the tests to measure a player’s fitness. You can’t judge a person’s fitness on just this test. It’s like a batsman keeps practising a cover drive, but doesn’t know how to play a sweep shot,”

“If I keep doing bench press, I’ll lift more weight in a few weeks’ time, but will it help me become a better cricketer? You’ve to look for cricket-specific tests, like ‘run a three,’ which we used to do. From what it appears, only Yo-Yo is being considered as a mandatory test. Rayudu’s in great form now, but failed the Yo-Yo and was dropped. Next time, when he clears Yo-Yo, but is in bad form, will you select him?”

What do other celebrated cricket teams like Australia do? “They aren’t implementing the Yo-Yo tests, but they have a ‘2km time trial’ as their benchmark fitness test. The idea of a fitness test is to see if the player can go through a six-seven-hour cricket match without getting fatigued,” he added.

Sandeep Patil also served as the director of NCA. He concluded that yo-yo test should not be the solitary criteria to judge the fitness of the player.