ICC To Hand Severe Punishments For Ball Tampering

ICC decided to impose severe punishments for ball tampering yesterday. It will come under punishable offenses according to section 3. The maximum sanction will be 12 suspension points, suspension for 6 tests or 12 ODIs.ICC To Hand Severe Punishments For Ball Tampering

Earlier, on account of the ball tampering scandals, Australian captains David Warner and Steven Smith were deprived of captaincy and were handed one-year ban from cricket activities and the duo lost the opportunity to play for IPL this year. Their partner in the sandpaper activity, David Bancroft was handed a nine-month ban.

In addition to ball-tampering, verbal abuse, misbehavior with umpires, cheating, and altering the ball condition are considered as similar offenses like ball tampering and will be punishable as level 3 offenses.

In this context, the ICC chairman Shashank Manohar said that “It is vital that there is a strong deterrent to both players and administrators to ensure we have high standards of conduct in our game. We have more than a billion fans and we must not give any of them any reason to doubt the high levels of integrity within our sport,”

“The board also agreed to consider how member boards can be held liable for its players’ behavior with appropriate sanctions to be imposed on boards when the accumulated number of offenses by its players exceed certain thresholds,” ICC statement read.

In this context, ICC Chief Executive David Richardson said that “There is a clear desire here to reclaim cricket’s unique proposition as a game that people can trust in and for us all to live the spirit of cricket in a way that is relevant in the 21st century. With regard to building a culture of respect, the board agreed that members should treat each other with respect as well as ensuring that their teams respect each other, the game and the match officials.”