Ahmed Shehzad Faces Ban After Failing Drug Test

Ahmed Shehzad, Pakistani opener failed a drug test during a home tournament in April and is about to face a ban of up to four years. The Pakistan cricket board confirmed the news on Tuesday. This issue is the latest one in the history of doping allegations on Pakistani cricketers. Pakistan cricket board is expected to issue a charge sheet on Ahmed Shehzad later todayAhmed Shehzad Faces Ban After Failing Drug Test Ahmed Shehzad, the 26-year-old-cricketer is about to face a massive blow on his cricket career on account of this issue. He lost his place in the test-cricketing team in Pakistan’s tour to West Indies. He did not play an ODI since October last year. He played for T20Is squad last month and scored 14 and 24 runs. Reports show that the cricketer used banned drugs to improve the potential. Shehzad missed out the T20I tri-series against Zimbabwe.

Earlier, Pakistani pace bowlers Shoaib Akhtar, Mohammed Asif, Raza Hasan, Yasir Shah, and Abdur Rahman failed the tests to find out banned substances in the blood samples. They were banned for using prohibited drugs to enhance performance. Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammed Asif were banned in 2006 due to use of banned drugs but the tribunal called off the judgment later in 2006.

After the changes in the ICC and Pakistan cricket board rules, Raza Hasan faced a two-year ban after failing the doping test in 2015. Recently, Yasir Shah and Abdur Rahman, the Pakistani spinners were handed the temporary ban from cricket activities.

It is an unwritten convention for Pakistani cricketers to fail the doping tests since a decade beginning from Shoaib Akhtar. The team was famous for fiery performances as well as notorious for controversies since their entry into international cricket, including drug tests, exchange of words, and many other issues. However, Shehzad is about to face a four-year ban which may be extended according to the change of rules in the ICC code of conduct.