The Supreme Court of India said that the players out of Tamil Nadu should not be allowed to play for TNPL. The ruling passed by the chief justice of India, Deepak Mishra said that the players registered for the cricket associations out of Tamil Nadu are not eligible to play for TNPL. The ruling included the statement that there is no change in the previous schedule issued for conducting the TNPL.

Supreme Court Bars Outstation Players From Participating In TNPL

This was a shock for the BCCI a day before the commencement of TNPL. The Supreme Court ordered COA of BCCI to carry out further arrangements for conducting the TNPL. The advocate who represented the TNPL during the time of the issue of ruling opined that the players who can bring the no objection certificates from their respective cricket associations to participate in the TNPL should not be prohibited from playing in the TNPL.

However, Parag Tripathi, the advocate of CoA countered the arguments by the TNPL saying that the constitution of the BCCI prevents the players from outstation cannot play for the state premier leagues.

The advocate of TNPL said that BCCI should come forward to change the rules to attract more youngsters to cricket since the craze for cricket is on decline nowadays. He said that the youth in Tamil Nadu are getting enthusiastic to learn and play football in a country where cricket is a religion.

Earlier, the TNPL and BCCI came to an agreement to play at least two outstation players in each team to participate in the TNPL. All these issues were discussed in an SGM on 22nd June but the COA ruled out all the conclusions made in that meeting. Hence, the TNPL went to the Supreme Court to review the decisions made by the BCCI. This is a huge blow for TNPL on account of the judgment of the supreme court of India.

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