Ambati Rayudu Suspended For Two Matches by BCCI


The captain of Hyderabad team Ambati Rayudu was handed two-match suspension for breaching the code of conduct in the controversial match against Karnataka.


The reason behind the controversy is about the announcement of a boundary in the Karnataka Innings. The on-field empire signaled four runs through the player touched the ball near the boundary while fielding. The two runs were added to the scoreboard later.  This is the root cause of differences between the two teams.

When Karnataka began to bowl, the two runs were added to Karnataka total which made the Hyderabadis irk. The target was changed from 204 runs to 206 runs. Replays showed that the fielder Mehdi Hasan stopped the ball and picked it up before touching the boundary but the field umpire at that time Ulhas Gandhe paid a deaf ear to the request of Hyderabad team to decide the solution to the controversy.

The Karnataka ended the innings at the score of 203 runs for the loss of 5 wickets.

At last, Hyderabad team has to end the innings at the score of 203 runs for the loss of 9 wickets. The irate captain decided to demand the super over to break the tie of two runs.

Rayudu demanded the super over after the end of the match staying on the ground along with his parents to decide the exact result.

Talking about this, Rayudu said” At the end, we went and asked to start the Super Over. That is exactly our point of contention. We never even thought of stopping the second match, that has got nothing to do with us. We were insisting that our match was not complete, we still have to play the super over. That is exactly why we went to the middle, we were actually going to warm up then.”

The match between Andhra and Kerala that has to take place after this match was truncated to 13 overs each side because of this protest.

“Mr. Rayudu is barred from participating in the first two matches for Hyderabad in the upcoming Vijay Hazare Trophy.

“Mr. Rayudu pleaded guilty to the offense and accepted the sanction proposed by BCCI and, as such, there was no need for a formal hearing. The charge was leveled by on-field umpires Mr. Abhijit Deshmukh, Mr. Ulhas VithalRao Gandhe and third Umpire Mr. Anil Dandekar”, BCCI  said in its press release.