Indian Has 8-9 Quality Pacers: Ishant Sharma


Ishant Sharma believed that India has 8-9 quality pacers in the current situation. He stood as the crucial person to guide India towards victory by picking 7 wickets and conceding 74 runs in the second Innings at the Lords in 2014. He said that India is one of the strongest teams currently on the grounds of his experience for 11 yearsishant sharma

He is one of the consistent pacers with 238 wickets from 82 test matches in the longest format of cricket. He can challenge English batsmen like Joe Root and Jonny Bairstow in the upcoming test series between India and England.

In an interview to the newspaper Daily Telegraph, he spoke about the initial days of his career. He said “I was not the one who really believed in training. I didn’t have too much knowledge about training. So I wasn’t training that much. When I went home, I was not doing anything. Just relaxing. I think that’s the point, I changed my life and improved my cricket skill level.”

“We have become so much fitter because there is so much knowledge, and there is so much contribution from everyone. If you want to play a good amount of cricket for the country, you need to work hard. You can’t just bowl or just bat. You need to go into the gym, go running, look after your recovery system, your diet, and everything,”

He said that he attained a lot of maturity as a bowler all these years.

He further added “Earlier I was really raw. I didn’t know much about bowling – I would just bowl fast. Now I know like, what the batsman is doing, how is the weather, how the wicket is going to behave, then after how many overs what you need to do and everything. You need to adapt, and bowl according to the situation.

“I’m not really the kind of guy who likes to give up on things, so I’m really hard on myself, he says. I’m the kind of a person, when the things are really tough I really want to take it on. Sometimes he has to keep on going till the time I don’t get what I want.” He concluded.