Rishabh Pant Is Excited About The Red Ball Cricket

Rishabh Pant got the national call-up for his performance against England A in the test and ODI series. He slammed 58 and 61 in that test series besides exhibiting his exceptional wicket-keeping skills. He got mentoring from Rahul Dravid, which will be an additional asset for this 20-year old player.rishabh pant

In addition, in the four-day match against West Indies A, Rishabh Pant scored 67 runs off 71 balls to guide the team towards a win and made outstanding performances in the limited-overs series against England A. He made 17 dismissals as a keeper in this series.

In an interview with the BCCI.tv, Pant opened up about his practice for the test series. He said “Whenever I walk into bat, I go with the mindset of what the team needs from me. In the game against West Indies A, there was a situation wherein I had to be more patient because there were enough overs and therefore I took my time and got India home,”

“Also, in the game against England Lions, India A were not in a good position. We had lost four to five wickets and Ajju bhaiya (Ajinkya Rahane) and I were batting and I had to play according to the situation. So, I thought I’m going to take my own time and get set because in red-ball cricket that’s what you do – you need to take your own time and play as per the situation.”

Earlier this year, he got a memorable experience in the IPL 2018. He slammed 684 runs at the strike rate of 173.60 and the average of 52.61. He got a good practice to play various formats of cricket with these tournaments. He said “It has got more to do with shot selection. In red-ball cricket, with the field placements, you can look around; take your time, because you have five days to play. Whereas in limited-overs cricket you have a limited number of balls to play and score,”

“I have so far enjoyed my preparation with red-ball cricket. The Duke ball swings a lot when you’re here in England and initially when I started playing here with India A, I realized that the swing will come a lot into play in these conditions.

Speaking about his experiences in the test series against England Lions, he said“The only thing he always tells me is that you need to be patient about everything, be it on the field or off it. Also, how I need to work harder on my game when it comes to red ball cricket since I’m a positive batsman, but at times you need to play to the situation. See the pace of the game and change your game accordingly. These have been my learning from him wherein he has helped me a lot.”

“Every time I come to the Indian dressing room, there is one thing that has always stood out for me. It is the positivity in the dressing room. Everyone is supporting and backing each other, which is the most important factor about this Indian dressing room,”

“And, like always, whenever I needed any support from Mahi bhai [MS Dhoni], I used to ask him. From my IPL contract to my wicketkeeping, he’s advised me on everything.

“He’s always told me that when it comes to wicketkeeping, your hands and head is important, the body balance can come into play later, but the key is the hands and head coordination. I worked on what he told me and it has helped me a lot.” He signed off.