BCCI Seeks Change In India-Pakistan Asia Cup, Sehwag Slams ICC


BCCI wants the change in the schedule of India-Pakistan match in Asia cup due to lack of rest for Indian team since there is another match for India against a qualifier team on September 18th. On September 19th, India needs to play Pakistan.


The games between India and Pakistan are an eye-feast for the spectators but the political tensions between both the nations made direct bi-lateral series almost impossible. Hence, these arch-rivals will play only on neutral stages.

In this context, the BCCI official said that “The scheduling is mindless. There appears to be zero application of mind,”

“How can you accept a scenario where India plays a game today and tomorrow it will face its arch-rival Pakistan who will have a two-day period of rest?”

“This is unacceptable and has to be revisited. Maybe for the organizers, it is just a money-spinning game but for us, it is important that there be equity in scheduling,” he added. Pakistan is scheduled to play a qualifier on 16 the September and gets a two-day break before they need to face India. The official said that the move of ICC is in favor of Pakistan.

Veteran cricketer Virender Sehwag also slammed ICC for the unorganized schedule of Asia cup and said that India should not play Asia Cup 2018. He added that in September Dubai experiences summer and the restless schedule may cause the players to get fatigued.

He said that “I am really shocked to see the scheduling because which country plays back-to-back cricket matches these days? There was a gap of two days in between the T20 matches in England and here you are playing ODIs under hot Dubai weather and that too without a break. So, I don’t think this is a correct scheduling,”

“Why there are such hue and cry overplaying the Asia Cup? Don’t play the Asia Cup. Prepare the team for the home series or the away series. It’s really difficult to play back-to-back games,”

There shouldn’t be any back-to-back games. If the BCCI had to cancel anything then it should have been the qualifier game in the Asia Cup rather than reducing the four-day practice match against Essex to three days. A player needs at least 48 hours to recover after playing an ODI match because of you field for 3.5 hours and after that, if you bat for 2 hours then it makes your total time spent on the ground to 5.5 hours. So, it takes a minimum of 24 to 48 hours for a player to recover,” he added.

“When Team India will play the Asia Cup in Dubai in September, there will be too much heat and it will hamper the players’ recovery process. Pakistan will be in a good shape whereas the Indian players will be tired. And if we end up losing the match, then there might be a problem as we all are very passionate whenever we play against Pakistan. We always want India to win against Pakistan but if the Indian players are tired then Pakistan will definitely have the advantage,” he concluded.

He said that BCCI should focus on changing the schedule of Asia Cup rather than working on changing the schedule of the warm-up match to three days between India and Essex.