ICC Determined To Curb Abuse: David Richardson

ICC chief executive David Richardson said that ICC is determined to punish ugly and personal abuse and ball-tampering. He said that these are threats to cricket’s DNA. He felt that players saying that the rules about altering the condition of the ball were unclear is quite disingenuous.richardsonHe delivered a lecture about MCC Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey at Lord’s yesterday. He spoke a few words about Australian ball-tampering scandal that handed David Warner, Steven Smith, and Cameron Bancroft a long-term ban. They were severely punished for planning and tampering the condition of the ball during the test match between South Africa and Australia.

After the issue of suspension of Kagiso Rabada on account of the exchange of words with Steven Smith, ICC toughened the rules related to the code of conduct regarding personal abuse. The South African cricketer Quinton De Kock and Australian player David Warner were also engaged in personal abuse off-field which led to the toughening of ICC code of conduct.

Richardson said “The public reaction around the world to the incidents in the recent Australia-South Africa series was an eye-opener,”

”The message was loud and clear, cheating is cheating and it’s not what we signed up for.”

“Over the last few months, I have read comments from players requesting guidance what is allowed in relation to the ball,”

”They have asked if they can chew gum, wear sunscreen or drink a sugary drink.

“To be brutally honest I find this a little disingenuous. The laws are simple and straightforward: do not change the condition of the ball using an artificial substance. If you are wearing sunscreen, sucking a mint or chewing gum with the intent of using the cream or the sugary saliva on the ball you are ball-tampering. You may not always get caught — and we are not going to stop players from chewing gum or wearing sunscreen — but if you are, then don’t complain. Taking the attitude that it’s always been there to some extent is a mistake. The public has spoken.” He signed off.