Ollie Pope, the young cricketer from England is heading to make his test debut against India at the Lord’s.  He said that Sachin Tendulkar, Alistair Cook, and Sam Curran are inspirations for young debutants.ollie-pope

England is leading the five test-match series by 1-0. This 20-year old player has just played 15 first-class matches. His experience is very less when compared to his competence from England but Sachin Tendulkar, who made his debut at the tender age of 16, said that he welcomes the decision of selecting Pope and every good player should play for the country. Pope bats at No.6 for Surrey in the County cricket.

Sachin Tendulkar said that “If somebody is good, he should play for the country and age shouldn’t be the criteria,”

“You only see one side of the coin as you are young and fearless but with experience and maturity, you start seeing the other side as well to balance things out. That is the age when you don’t see anything and just want to do well. There are going to be tough moments but that’s what you play for.”

Pope made 684 runs at an average above 85 in the county championship. He admitted the opinions of Sachin and was delighted at the support of the legendary player.

He said that “Everyone always says – if you’re good enough, you’re old enough,” said Pope during his wide-eyed press conference on Tuesday. “It’s nice hearing those stories. Just knowing I’m not one of the first ones to play when I’m young or after not a huge amount of games. Hearing those stories are the pretty inspiration – they make you realize what you can do.

“I think I’ve had a good season so far, and from the people I’ve spoken to, they’ve given me the confidence in my own game to take the next step. You hear stories of the greats of the game, people like [Alastair] Cook made his debut (at 21). Hopefully, I take my chance. I feel confident in my game and ready for the next step.”

Sam Curran is the teammate of Pope for Surrey. He picked 5 wickets by conceding 92 runs. In the first test match against India, Curran played crucial innings by slamming 63 runs and rebuilt the innings from 87/7 from a remarkable score of 180 runs. Pope said that he was inspired by Curran and can see parallels in their ways of the game.

He said “Obviously I played with him (Curran) since we were 14 or 15, as soon as he came over from Zimbabwe. We have gone through the same path and the way he played last week gives me the confidence to know I can do that too. It’s nice to do it with him.

“I think I’m probably similar to him – just ready to put the shirt on and just want to perform at my best. We’ve both played a fair bit of county cricket now and things have gone on an upward spiral. But yeah, completely – looking back on people like him (Sachin Tendulkar), what was he, 16, 17? He’s quite a good person to listen to in terms of that. I think it’s the fearlessness. Hopefully, we can play and express ourselves the way we want to.” He signed off.

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