Former Indian Captain Sourav Ganguly said that India needs to play two spinners for the second test to be commenced today against England at Lord’s. India lost the first test match to the hosts by 31 runs and is looking to level the series at any cost by winning the upcoming test match. He said that India needs to stand for five bowler policy.


He told to Times of India that “India needs to think about a second spinner at Lord’s. It’s been very hot and history shows it spins at Lord’s and, as far as I’m concerned, Kuldeep Yadav would be the right choice. At no stage, however, should India compromise on the five-bowler option,”

He added that Ravichandran Ashwin along with Chinaman bowler Kuldeep Yadav makes the right combination for dry surfaces of England. He pointed the poor performance of the batsmen except for Virat Kohli in the first test and that the team needs to mend its ways for a bounce back.

In this context, Ganguly said that “This game at Lord’s is a massive one. There is no doubt that England will be greatly challenged if the Indian batting gets going, and if it does, that could be the turnaround the visitors are looking for. It’s not over yet,”

He said that Kohli is the outstanding batsman with the potential to win the game single-handedly. One of the most successful Indian captains, Sourav was in full of praise for Ravichandran Ashwin who picked 4/62, and 3/69 in the Edgbaston test. Kohli managed to dethrone Steven Smith in the test rankings to top the ICC rankings. Ashwin managed to pick the wicket of Alistair Cook in the first test match in both the innings.

He said “The positive thing for India is the bowling. All the bowlers did a grand job, especially Ashwin. He has added a lot more variety to his repertoire and will continue to be a massive threat to the opposition. I remember talking about Ashwin earlier and I am happy with the way he has presented himself. He is conscious of the need to succeed overseas and has improved immensely since the time his spot was challenged by younger players,”

Speaking about Kohli he said “Virat Kohli’s conviction and determination to grind in difficult situations, his selection of shots, and ability to dominate the bowlers in every sphere of the game is extraordinary. He is rightly the No. 1 batsman in the world. He may not have been at his fluent best at Birmingham but his attitude of not giving up stands tall,”

“This is also an example of batsmanship: Even if it’s not your day, you still make the runs. It’s a huge statement that the other batsman in the team needs to stand up. I personally believe that this batting line-up has the ability to score runs in these conditions. Virat, the leader, has a job on hand. He will have to get this team going. The confidence needs to be brought back: It’s more in the mind and that will be his challenge on this tour.” He concluded.

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