Endgame At Last Or BCCI Will Have To Struggle More?

The Supreme Court is ready to change the entire fabric of BCCI and clear off aged people from the crucial committees. After a spot-fixing scandal in 2016, the Supreme Court recommended the implementation of Justice Lodha committee to clear the aged persons, mostly men from the crucial activities of the BCCI and reduce political domination on the sport.BCCI headquartersJustice Lodha committee recommendations make 150 paged document of 10 chapters that are helpful to reconstruct the formation of the BCCI committees, Ombudsman committee, and reduce monopolies and star impact on the sport. There were brainstorming sessions among the higher authorities of BCCI about the implementation of Lodha Committee reforms. Some of such reforms are the inclusion of a CEO and Ombudsman in the higher framework of BCCI.

If the Lodha Committee recommendations will come into force, most of the senior authorities and officials of BCCI who are ruling the board since ages will get terminated. Most of the agents and seniors are awaiting the judgment of the Supreme Court enthusiastically about the reforms the Lodha committee recommended which will destine to change their positions.

The Supreme Court decided to truncate the powers of Lodha Committee and by this verdict, each authority can see two terms in a sequence. Each term will comprise of three years. On the other hand, the BCCI is not happy about the age cap and truncation of age relaxation for the election of higher authorities and officials in the BCCI.

It is felt that reversal of age cap is impossible as the Lodha committee feared that age relaxation and continuous term of an individual for six years will be  “vested interests and conflicts of interest develop around power centers which have unbridled authority”. The sense of entitlement could return, as could their archaic management style.

The age cap caused N.Sreenivasan and Niranjan Shah lose their seats before the completion of official tenure. However, the Supreme Court ruled out the clause of One State-One Vote rule. This can be considered as the victory of BCCI. But the reversal of age cap and continual terms seems impossible and the BCCI is thinking of filing a review petition.

The states with multiple cricket associations lost the right to vote because of one state-one vote rule. The financially self-sufficient BCCI lost itself in providing opportunities for newcomers due to flaws in the constitution. Though the Supreme Court supported the reforms in the constitution of BCCI, the political influence change the picture of BCCI since 2016. However, since Thakur, CJI who heard the case stepped down due to retirement and the judges under the leadership of CJI Mishra will release the final judgment.