English pacer James Anderson told the press that under these conditions they were able enough to bowl out any team. In the first test match against India, England won the game by 31 runs and in the first innings of the second test match after the cancellation of a day’s play, India was bowled out at 107 runs. James Anderson managed to pick 5 wickets by conceding 20 runs.

James Anderson

He said “I think that if we bowled like that today, with those conditions, we’d bowl most teams in the world out because I think we were that good. We hardly bowled any bad balls, didn’t give them much to hit and when you build pressure like that all day, no matter who you are around the world, it is difficult. We exploited those conditions as well as anyone in the world. I don’t think it’s just the Indian batsmen that would have struggled,”

“Honestly, I would have been so disappointed if I had messed up today because they were the ideal conditions to bowl in, I find it so much fun when like that. You don’t often get conditions like that in England anymore when the ball does that much through the air and off the pitch. The biggest thing is not trying to do too much, too many different things, just keep focus, try and bowl good balls and keep hoping they nick them eventually,”

Anderson said that the conditions yesterday favored the English and in addition, English won the toss and chose to field. They decided to play Chris Woakes as an extra pacer to make the most of favorable conditions.

Indians lost the first three wickets within a gap of 15 runs and in addition, they lost seven wickets within 92 runs after the parting of the stand of Kohli and Chetteshwar Pujara.

Anderson picked three initial wickets within 15 balls in the first session. He added that he enjoyed the encounter with Kohli better than ever but felt that Indians are not too dependent on the skipper. At the age of 36 years, Anderson’s capabilities are still at the heights to pick the wickets whenever possible.

He added “I did not want to go off (for the rain break) as I felt in really good rhythm. We were on top with two early wickets and there were dark black clouds coming from that direction all day. Then we did get a deluge. It’s frustrating when you are on top, you want to stay out there and keep that pressure on the opposition. You feel like it is a chance for them to regroup and come out to play better. But we coped with that long break really well, and when we came back out, we stuck to our task brilliantly.

“It (the mix up) can happen when we were building pressure, both me and Stuart (Broad) bowling well from both ends, does create pressure. It was just a mix-up, a yes and then a no, and then, of course, a massive downpour, which would not have made Pujara feel any better,”

“I was thinking why can’t he (Kohli) edge them like everyone else. I have really enjoyed the contest between him and myself. He is number one in the world for a reason. For me I love playing against the best players in the world, testing yourself and seeing whether you can get the better of them. It is a really thrilling thing to be a part of, and unfortunately, I have not got the better of him yet, but I will continue to try my hardest throughout the rest of the series.

“I don’t think you can think like that (dependency) because we’ve played against all of them before. There are some real quality players in there. I think Kohli is important because he is captain, a leader and he is their best player — number one in the world. But 90 percent of their top seven have scored runs against us in the past so we can’t look just as Kohli as a big wicket,”

“All I think about is getting my body in as good a condition as it can be to cope with bowling out in the middle. I was delighted with how many overs I bowled at Edgbaston. For my body to get through that at this age I’m really happy with. I think it means I’m doing the right stuff off the field.

“But I don’t think about numbers or my age, I feel like, I won’t say 28, but 32. I don’t feel old. I feel like I can still throw myself around in the field as well as anyone else so as long as I feel like that I’m just going to keep playing as long as possible. Hopefully, the wickets will keep coming as well and I can help this team keep winning,” he concluded.