Virat Kohli has a nightmare like an experience in 2014 with 134 runs from 6 innings. He answered to criticism by the performance in the current test series against England by slamming 400 runs from three tests. He smashed 149 and 51 runs from Edgbaston test and made 21 and 17 runs in the Lord’s test. He made nervous 97 runs from the first innings of Trent Bridge test and again missed out a hundred since he fell prey to Adil Rashid. He thrashed pacers like James Anderson and slammed 106 runs.

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Here are some of the reasons that contributed to his success in the test series against England.

  1. Footwork

Earlier he fell prey to inswingers due to flaws in his footwork and used to lose his wicket by lbw. In addition, he failed to answer the hosts with efficiency in the previous season but he mended his ways this time. His improvement in his footwork made him strong to encounter the likes of James Anderson and keep the scoreboard ticking. His trick with wrist made him a competent player to encounter the English pacers on green and bouncy pitches.

  1. Playing inside the line

He encountered the likes of James Anderson and could not play well due to failure in playing inside the line. He slammed a decent score against the Pacers by improving his skills in playing inside the line.  He started playing inside the lines to save himself from losing his wicket at the off-side. His capability to play with soft hands is an asset to keep on going.

  1. Batting outside the crease

He tried to make some score with every ball and unlike Pujara he tried to protect his wicket in the third test. To make the most out of the test format, he started to stand a yard outside the crease to counter the ball at the earliest. He made the most out of the English conditions by making his mind to face the fiery bouncers of English pacers. Batting outside the crease helped him to make decent scores in all the innings, especially when he slammed 103 in the Trent Bridge Test.

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