IPL 2019 To Be Hosted Outside India?


Due to general elections in May 2019, the IPL might be staged out of India, according to credible news sources. Sources say that South Africa, England, and the United Arab Emirates are the possible venues for IPL 2018. Earlier on account of general elections, IPL 20014 was conducted in UAE and in 2009 the tournament was conducted in South Africa. These are the preferred venues for IPL 2018 according to reliable sources of BCCI. Earlier in 2009, the first half of the IPL was conducted in UAE.


Due to cost-effectiveness and weather conditions, South Africa might get the opportunity of hosting the entire season. UAE has only three high-class stadiums at Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai. In addition, due to budget constraints, BCCI may prefer to conduct the tournament in South Africa.

Mumbai Mirror said that the thoughts are in process. Another trouble to conduct the tournament in England is that WorldCup 2019 will be hosted at England and will commence from 30th May immediately after IPL 2019. Hence conducting IPL 2019 became a big headache for the BCCI. However, UAE and South Africa are the preferred venues for BCCI for conducting IPL. There is severe criticism about conducting IPL just a few weeks before the commencement of World Cup. There are predictions that the IPL 2019 may get preponed to March 2019 or earlier.

But India needs to tour Australia this December and there are no remarkable events later. Hence, the BCCI is conducting brainstorming sessions about staging IPL 2019 and prepare the Indian team for World cup 2019.

A reliable report from BCCI claimed that after the release of the schedule of the General Elections 2019, the BCCI might release the news about conducting IPL 2019 scheduled from earlier weeks of March. The committee of administrators appointed by the Supreme Court of India might make a decision today in a meeting.