Sanjay Manjrekar felt that it is good to play KL Rahul instead of Shikhar Dhawan for the last super four matches against Afghanistan. He also felt that it is better to play Khaleel Ahmed instead of Jasprit Bumrah to provide him sufficient rest before the finale.sanjay manjrekar India sealed the place for the Asia Cup finale by beating Pakistan by 8 wickets. Afghanistan was determined to win against India to compensate massive blows in the super four stage against Bangladesh and Pakistan. However, Afghans cannot be underrated since they won against Sri Lanka and Bangladesh with huge margins in the league stage of Asia cup.

The cricketer turned commentator Manjrekar felt that it is better to play KL Rahul to boost up the confidence levels of him and the team keeping in the mind the upcoming finale and the world cup 2019. He also opined that the workload of Bumrah should be considered and he should be used wisely.

Dhawan scored 114 runs in the game against Pakistan and made a 210-run stand with Rohit Sharma. Manjrekar told to the press that “Rest Shikhar Dhawan and play KL Rahul instead because you want to know what Rahul is all about. You’ve got to keep him involved. He’s a class player. Just keep him involved with this Indian cricket team,”

“If Rahul gets a hundred, he feels good about himself the moment he gets an opportunity later. I would like to see Dhawan resting because there’s no point wanting someone to carry the form, it’s going to be of no use going forward for India, so try out the bench strength and give them opportunities.”

Khaleel Ahmed finished with 3/48 in the opening game against Hong Kong in the Asia cup. Speaking about Bumrah, he said that “Bumrah should go out and either Khaleel Ahmed or a Deepak Chahar can enter, but rest Bumrah, use him judiciously,”  he concluded.

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