Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli-How Two Differ As Captains

Virat Kohli became the full-fledged captain of all formats for team India a couple of years ago. He still stood as the runs machine besides the heavy workload as a captain and proved that his batting skills cannot be waned by additional responsibilities. He is a dynamic captain by his moves and personality. But his journey as a captain is not an easy one since often his performance as a batsman and selection as a captain is often prone to criticisms and judgments.


The vice-captain of team India, Rohit Sharma proved himself by winning IPL title for Mumbai Indians as the captain thrice. In the absence of Kohli, Rohit got a great opportunity to lead the team for Asia cup. This is not as simple as the series against Zimbabwe or other budding teams but a combat between the teams with equal traits and strengths.

Here is a comparison between Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli as captains.


Kohli is known for unpredictable strategies. He often changes the team compositions according to the need. The exclusion of Bhuvneshwar Kumar for the first test against South Africa earlier this year rose many criticisms but he went his way to make and apply his own strategies. He has the record of not playing the same team for consecutive tests.

Rohit Sharma doesn’t change his moves often. He played the successful team for Pakistan and Bangladesh and experimented with his team for games against Hong Kong and Afghanistan according to the seriousness of the situation. As a captain of Mumbai Indians, he is known to give more opportunities for same players.


Kohli is a dynamic captain and player and wants his teammates to play like him. His teammates were influenced by him often and behave like him which will be a trouble for the team sometimes.

Rohit Sharma doesn’t interfere much with the behavior of his teammates and guides them to play their own game. His behavior never dominates the team spirit.


Both the captains are good in their own school and are successful to guide the team in many outings. It is still the initial phase of Rohit Sharma as the captain and he still needs some space to prove himself.