According to Glenn Maxwell, Rishabh Pant is an “amazing talent” who is just starting to find his feet in the international cricket. Maxwell and Pant were teammates last IPL playing for Delhi Daredevils.

Rishabh Pant

The Indian wicketkeeper-batsman Rishabh Pant who made an impressive century in his third century has not made a stride in the Test series going on with Australia right now but his chatter and wicketkeeping behind the stumps is keeping him in the news. During the first Test between India and Australia at Adelaide, the 21-year-old wicketkeeper tool six catches matching the level of Dhoni’s record in 2009. Further keeping his performance went on to become the first Indian wicketkeeper to hold 11 catches in a Test.

Speaking to reporters on Thursday, Maxwell said, “He’s an amazing talent. We have only seen him scratch the surface in terms of his ability.”

“I’ve been glued to my TV every time he’s come out to bat … if he does get going, it’s pretty good to watch.

“He’s extremely talented … he played some extraordinary innings for us over there. He got an amazing hundred, where he just kept reserve-scooping balls with a straight bat, over the third man for six. I think he was a gymnast growing up, so he’s extremely flexible. He can manipulate his body into different positions to hit the ball.”

Also keeping Pant in the news is his incessant chatter from behind the stumps that are adding more fun to the ongoing Test series. Even during the Adelaide Test, Fox Cricket turned off their commentary to allow the TV viewers listen to Rishabh Pant’s verbal volleys while Pat Cummins was batting.

When asked about his chatter after the win, Pant replied with, “I always enjoy troubling the batsmen actually because I want them to concentrate on me and not on the bowlers.”

Maxwell who has the experience after being at the receiving end of Pant’s chatter during the T20I series is well aware of what to expect.

“He speaks a fair amount of dross. Having spent the whole IPL with him, I certainly learned that first hand .. I used to hear it all the time in the change rooms, at training. It was pretty non-stop. We were pretty close during the IPL, which was nice.”

Indian lost the second Test at Perth with a significant 146 runs, now the third game of the series is to be played at the MCG on the Boxing Day, i.e. December 26.