India Replaces South Africa At No.1 In ICC ODI Ranking

India made many firsts in Durban when they attacked South Africa in the first ODI. With their extraordinary win in the Durban ODI, India dethroned the hosts to become no.1 in the ICC ODI rankings. India was ranked at the second position in the ranking with 119 points. South Africa was at the top with 2 more points than India, but the Durban ODI led the guests to earn a point while the hosts lost a point in the rating.

India Replaces South Africa At No.1 In ICC ODI Ranking

The Durban ODI became the witness of the marvelous partnership between, Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane adding a total of 189 runs for the third wicket. Kohli hit a century in this ODI, which earned him the Man of the Match.

With no major ODIs between any other teams, both India and South Africa will have the much-needed space and will remain unchallenged. Among other teams, England holds the third position with 116 points, while New Zealand and Australia are at fourth and fifth spots with 115 points each. The only upcoming ODI series is between Afghanistan and Zimbabwe on February 9, 2018, won’t have any impact on India’s rank.

Interestingly, if India is able to win the on-going series with 4-2, it will gain two points reaching 122, while South Africa will lose two points to 118, this will consolidate India’s position at no.1.

Considering other formats, India is no.1 in Test rankings with a total of 121 points and South Africa is on second with 115 points. In T20 format, India is ranked no.3 again with 121 points but South Africa is at no.6 with 112 points.

There is an upcoming 3 match T20I series to be played between India and South Africa, if India losses this series then it will move to no.4 in ranking, below Pakistan.