Rohit‘s Timely Contribution In 5th ODI Saves India


Rohit Sharma did a tremendous ton contributing to the victory of the team India in the fifth ODI as a great answer to the Twitter trolls. Earlier, this one-day specialist was prone to severe criticism due to poor performance in the previous four one-dayers against South Africa.

India-vs-Australia-5th-odiSpeaking about this to the media, Rohit said “I got out in three (four) matches the only brother, how can you say form is bad after three (four) matches? You guys put people in good form after one match, and if somebody doesn’t have three good matches, you say he is in bad form.”

On the other hand, this hitter scored 1293 runs in 2017 earning the trust of the Captain. He is one of the players in the regular training camp while the seniors and some test specialist players used to participate in the training camps occasionally to reduce their workload.  Rohit said that he had no technical issues in the game. His poor score in the previous one-dayers affected Rohit but he never kept away from regular training before every match.

Speaking about his travel from poor one-dayer scores to a tremendous century in the fifth ODI, Rohit said: “We always, in our dressing room, we are always talking how we are batting and how we are playing the ball. Scores sometimes don’t reflect that at times, sometimes they do, but that doesn’t mean that suddenly you have become a bad player,

“Because you have achieved so much, scored so many runs, 2-3 bad innings doesn’t change that. This is not just for me, but for all batsmen in the team because such a situation does come that you are trying your hardest but things don’t come off. So at that point, it is important that you relax and take a step back and think about what you need to do in the next game. Because every day is a new day and what you have done in the past, it is the same thing I am thinking right now. My hundred has gone now and the next game I play, the hundred I scored isn’t going to matter much.” He added.

Rohit started slowly in the fifth ODI due to sluggish pitch but came on to the track making the stand with Kohli by making 50 runs off 50 balls. He made his 17th century in the ODIs but on account of dismissals of Kohli and Rahane, he stayed reluctant to the celebration.

Giving a funny touch to his reluctance, Rohit said: “Celebration… yaar (friend) two guys got run out before me earlier so there was nothing to celebrate about. I was not in a mood to celebrate. But I knew that if we could get 270-280 it will be difficult for them because we knew the wicket is very slow and anything could happen as our wrist spinners are bowling very well and they have troubled their batsmen a lot. So we knew that 270-280 was a good chance to win.”

Speaking about their maiden bilateral series victory in South Africa, he said that this victory is no lesser than the team’s ODI series victory in Australia in 2007-08. By that time Rohit was a budding national cricketer.

Speaking about their triumph, he added, “This will be right up there,

“After 25 years we have won a series in South Africa. Not the easiest place to play cricket, definitely not the easiest place to win a series. I think a lot of credit [goes] to the boys. Everybody who got an opportunity put his hand up and took up the challenge. If you look at the entire ODI series, it was a dominant performance for us.

“This will only give us confidence as a team to go outside and keep winning those series. The Test series was very close, I believe. It could have gone either way. Anyway, we are very proud of our performance and very proud of what we achieved today.”