The Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) is floating the idea to name a seat after MS Dhoni at the Wankhede Stadium.


Ajinkya Nair, an Apex Council member, has proposed to name the seat where MS Dhoni’s World Cup-winning six landed after him.

He wrote a letter to the deciding body, the excerpts of which were released by the Indian Express. The letter stated that naming a seat at MCA after the Chennai Super Kings skipper will be gratitude for his contribution to the Indian cricket.

The letter read:

    “As an act of gratitude and tribute to Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s immense contribution to Indian cricket, the MCA can devote a permanent seat on his name at the stand where his famous World Cup-winning six had landed.”

“It would also be nice if possible to find out where that World Cup ball is. It can be a proud attraction in the upcoming cricket museum. Here is a small suggestion from me to honour the legendary MS Dhoni.”

The decision regarding this is to be taken in a meeting today scheduled by the MCA Apex Council.

It a common affair for stadiums to be named after the former players, however if the proposal is accepted that this will be first time when a particular seat in a stadium in India will be named after a player.

A seat at Wankhede Stadium named after Dhoni might be surprising for us, but the idea is nothing new, and other countries already had done it in the past. At the Great Southern Stand of MCG, a seat is painted yellow in honor of Simon O’Donnell’s 122-meter six for Victoria over New South Wales.

To honour the 96-meter six hit by Brad Hodge, a third-tier seat is painted red in the Etihad Stadium in Melbourne.

Eden Park in Auckland named a seat after Grant Elliot. The seat is where the winning six of the 2015 World Cup semi-final hit by Elliot landed.

Against Sri Lanka, MS Dhoni sealed the World Cup victory for India with an iconic six. It will be a fitting decision to name the seat where the ball landed after the 39-year-old former Indian skipper to honour his contribution.