Five Players Who Can Compete Against Kohli’s Records


With 35 centuries and nearly 10000 runs in ODIs from only 208 matches, Virat Kohli has shown that he is a force to be reckoned with in the cricket field. But there are other players who have the capability to better Kohli’s record albeit with a little difficulty. Here’s a list of five such players who have the potential to accomplish this task:Kohli And Rahane Take India For A Massive Win In First ODI

#1 Hashim Amla

Poles apart from Kohli, Hashim Amla not only has an entirely different personality but also an entirely different batting style from the player. Where Kohli became the fastest batsmen to score 5000, 6000 and 7000 ODI runs in terms of time taken to reach landmark runs and centuries, Amla got to those landmarks faster than Kohli due to his diffident batting style, all the while staying under the radar. With 26 centuries from just 161 innings, he looks all set to break Kohli’s records, though the task might not be as easy due to the recent surge of Kohli’s form.

#2 Shikhar Dhawan

Following in a close second, Shikhar Dhawan’s batting style is not too different from Kohli’s. With a ruthless off-side batting, Dhawan got to 2000 and 3000 runs faster than Kohli and was just slightly shy of reaching the 4000-mark before the player in ODI batting stats. The only shortcoming is Dhawan’s vulnerability to short balls. The player has been reaching hundreds faster than Kohli and won’t take long to overtake Kohli on his winning spree if he could overcome this slight drawback.

#3 Quinton de Kock

With a score of 5 hundred against the Indian team, the South African batsman, Quinton de Kock is lethal on the field. He has scored three consecutive ODI hundreds and has mesmerized everyone with his short yet brutal 90-match ODI career. Around 3 years younger to Kohli, de Kock has the advantage of age to retain his form and maintain consistency, as the player might break Kohli’s records in a shorter span of time. With one of the highest strike rate in the international cricket circuit, de Kock is one to watch out for.

#4 Babar Azam

The Pakistani batsman who made his debut in 2015 and then went on to score three consecutive centuries against West Indies in 2016, might pose a big challenge to Kohli’s record. Even though, Azam has a different batting style than Kohli being more of an accumulator than an attacking batsman. However, his latest performance in 10 over-a-side charity match, where the player scored a hundred in mere 26 balls shows that he might not be too far off the mark. Having scored his seventh ODI century in his 33rd match, Azam was the joint fastest to reach the mark of 1000 ODI runs. It might not be too long before he gives the Indian a run for his money.

#5 Joe Root

Joe Root has openly admitted in a BBC interview that he wishes to parallel Kohli’s record and the player has shown much potential in his game by reaching the 3000 and 4000 runs-mark faster than Kohli. Even though the player’s consistency in scoring a hundred, on an average, every 10 games, is not that good compared to Kohli, the player in his own right has retained consistency in his form, replicating his success of the 50-over game in a longer format. With an added advantage of being younger than Kohli, the English player is capable of holding his own against Kohli.

Even with Kohli’s exemplary performance in the past, there is a very high chance that the player might face competition in the international cricket circuit.