IPL 2018: BCCI includes Decision Review System in IPL 2018

BCCI gave thumbs up to the introduction of Decision Review System (DRS) for IPL 2018 following in the footsteps of Pakistan Super League to become the second T20 league to incorporate DRS.

DRS  “The BCCI was keen to have DRS on board for quite some time but it was only this year we felt we should go ahead with it for the IPL. We have the best of all other systems in place, so why not DRS? Anyways we have been using it for India’s international matches for over a year and a half now,” a BCCI official said.

This has come out as a surprise given the BCCI’s past opposition to the DRS System claiming its inefficiency. It was only during England’s tour of India one and a half years ago that the board has eased its stance on the technology.

Indian domestic cricket has been wary of the DRS system since long and now, with the incorporation of the system, the board is trying to get all local umpires on board as they were called to attend a practice session at Vizag in December. ICC umpires coach Denis Burns and umpire Paul Reiffel were specially called upon to brief the 10 domestic umpires on the technology. These 10 umpires would be officiating the IPL season in 2018

With the DRS system coming into the field for the first time, there are bound to be a certain number of difficulties at the first instance. However, there is no denying that BCCI’s decision is prudent and would help cut down the error rate drastically in the game. With the past track record of teams complaining about lack of proper technology, their wish is finally being granted as IPL 2018 is all set to start. The lack of technology often caused missing out on errors at crucial junctures of the game which could change potentially change the outcome of the match.

It would be interesting to watch how DRS affects this domestic season. With a lot of changes, this IPL season promises to be a thrilling watch. If this system works as expected, then it might be a total game-changer for Indian domestic cricket, both at home and internationally.