The IPL is going to adopt decision review system or DRS from the upcoming season. This is the second biggest T20 league to adopt DRS. Each team will be provided one chance in the innings to request for DRS. The Pakistan Super League introduced DRS from the current edition.DRSAnonymous BCCI official opened up about this decision of BCCI. He denied the misconceptions about the necessity of review system in the T20 leagues. BCCI admitted implementing the review system from the current season as the thinnest margins may turn the tables when it comes to the shortest form of cricket.

Speaking about the introduction of DRS, he said, “In T20s, one decision makes a huge difference. People have a misconception that only the longer format of the game needs DRS. But, in the longer version, there is enough time to absolve a mistake you make. But in T20s, you don’t have such time. If a good, in-form batsman is given a wrong decision, that can finish off the game completely.”

The BCCI conducted a workshop for ten of the Indian umpires to reduce the number of on-field mistakes in Visakhapatnam to assure that the officials get familiar with new decision review system. Reportedly, another workshop will be conducted for the umpires on 3rd and 4th April to help out the umpires to get acquainted with DRS before its implementation in the IPL.

“DRS is good for the game. No one wants to make a mistake on-field. With the DRS the evidence is conclusive and the decision gets corrected. And because of error, the players cannot then complain the decision went against them.” one of the Indian umpires commented.

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