In a media report, a match referee gave indications of disgraced Aussie duo Steven Smith and David Warned to be indulged in ball tampering incident in the domestic Sheffield Shield tournament that took place in 2016.Claims of Smith, Warner Involved In Ball-tamperingt is around the same time with Faf du Plessis was under investigation for alleged ball-tampering. During the game in 2016, Warner bounced his returns to keep Peter Nevill’s gloves. This led the umpires to appeal to Smith.

Both Warner and Smith are banned for a year by Cricket Australia after their roles in the ball-tampering scandal were investigated. Also, both the players were stripped of their roles as vice-captain and captain respectively.

In an email to Cricket Australia’s umpire selection manager and match referee, Simon Taufel, referee Daryl Harper said the duo were engaged in unfair play against Victoria when they were part of New South Wales during the game in November 2016.

He reportedly wrote in his email that, “When David Warner repeatedly bounced his returns in to (NSW wicket-keeper) Peter Nevill on the first day, the umpires appealed to Smith to support their calls for fair play.”

“They weren’t encouraged by his response. I assisted the umpires on the second morning by suggesting to (NSW coach) Trent Johnston that CA didn’t need an issue with the national captain being involved in a ball-tampering incident.”

Harper, who is Australian, said Smith had complained about the state of the Sydney Cricket Ground pitch after his team lost, and also “gave the impression that he wasn’t happy to be playing the Sheffield Shield match”.

He added, “This was at the same time that the South African captain (Faf du Plessis) was under scrutiny (for ball-tampering) and before he had been charged.”

“As it transpired, there were no further errant throws for the final three days of the game from either team. Steve’s participation in the post-match meeting was quite limp, and not as I would expect from our national captain.”

In a press conference in Australia on Thursday facing a shocked cricket fan, Smith and Bancroft emotionally accepted of their wrongdoing. Warner is still to address the media while Australian coach Lehmann has decided to quit after the fourth Test although he is cleared of any participation in the incident.

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