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We update our site on regular basis with new content like latest news, updates, live score etc to attract a wide range of audience from different parts of the world like mainly USA, India, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East and more.

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We are always open to update about cricket related news and more content on our website. Interested PR managers can get in contact with us through Advertising with us will definitely get you benefits as using our site as an advertisement platform will help you to reach to a vast range of users and audience. You can also apply to our advertising department for product promotion.

Cricgully offers different kinds of advertisement models. Check which one suits your needs the best:


Image ad banner

We provide image and text ads in all popular advertisement formats like leader board (728 x 90), banner (468 x 60), medium rectangle (300 x 250) etc. various banner ad formats are also available for home page and inner pages. We can take static, animated GIF or even flash based banners.

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At Cricgully, we provide you the opportunity to list your services/products that are related to our subject so that you can get customers from our platform. You can list the cricket related products and services and we can help you get some potential buyers.